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Have you ever asked yourself, "Why am I alive?"

Have you ever questioned your life's purpose?

Have you ever wondered why events
have unfolded the way they have?

"If you can answer YES to any of these questions, you will no doubt enjoy new insights into the meaning of life's mysteries on this remarkable journey toward enlightenment."
-- Charlene Ackerman

"If we wish to experience true intimacy with others, then we must first learn to be intimate with our own truth and experience.  Then we must find the courage to come forward and share it with others.  Charlene has done this and is an inspiration to all who read this book."
-- Barry Spilchuk, co-author of A Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul

"DEEP...INTENSE...Why Am I Alive?  is a heartfelt story, told with a childlike innocence...a moving account of a woman's courageous confrontation with life her and beyond the physical realm.  By coming forward with their own story, Charlene has (perhaps unintentionally) given us all permission to validate our own life experiences.   Thank you."
-- Debbie Smoker, author of Turn On Your Magic Eyes

Thank you so very much for sending me your wonder-filled book "WHY AM I ALIVE?".  I, too, had such an experience recently in the hospital following surgery.  I was given a choice to make the transition or remain for yet awhile on this plane.  I chose the latter as things yet to be done, friends, etc. Wonderful work you are doing.  Looking forward to seeing you ere long. 
-- Ormond McGill
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The number one reason why I am alive!
God's greatest gift!

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Thanksgiving 1998
Patrick and Nicholas, front row.  Aaron, center.
Michele and her son Jax,
Lauren and Graceann, back row.

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Find Out How a 'Dear Death' experience with a message from the Virgin Mary proved to be the beginning of a whole new life!



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