In March 2004, I went to California to train under Dr. Michael Newton for the  Society for Spiritual Regression. You may be familiar with his books, “Journey of the Soul”, “Destiny of the Soul”, andLife Between Lives”.  It was an amazing experience that went far beyond my expectations. I have been extremely pleased with the information I myself received from my own regression to “Life between Lives” referred to as LBL’s. These sessions last from three to four hours and are taped to review later. Feedback I receive from people I have done sessions with have been extremely gratifying as well. I have heard the comment several times that after their LBL, they felt they had a greater understanding of what a Near Death Experience (NDE) must  be like because of the wonderful  sense of peace and love they  experienced as well as the  insights they have received.





Peggy Newton, Charlene and Dr. Michael Newton. A truly delightful couple!



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