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My all time favorite in overcoming fears and anxieties:

The Silent Regression Session is a technique that can assist individuals to make major changes in their life quickly and easily without a need to speak. The entire session can remain strictly confidential. Questions are asked that lead client to "source" of the problem. These questions can be answered by using ideomotor signals (finger signals). Therefore an entire session can be conducted in complete privacy without the hypnotist knowing what the source is or even what issue the client is working on. This is by far my favorite way to assist clients in taking back control of their life. However, I find clients are usually eager to share their experiences.

Hypnosis is recognized as a valuable tool to:

  • Improve Study Skills/Memory & Learning
  • Promote Sports Achievement
  • Overcome nail-biting
  • Stop Stuttering
  • Promote Relaxation & Sound Sleep
  • Help Find Lost Objects
  • Aid Smoking Cessation
  • Aid Weight Management
  • Just to mention a few!


Parts Therapy

Sometimes we hear people say, "There is a part of me that seems to be holding me back." In Parts Therapy the client is able to "image" what that part may look like, the size, shape, color, and if it could speak what would it say. The goal is to have the two parts come to an agreement and begin to work together toward the desired goal.

Time Line

Another remarkable Neuro-Linguistic technique to help people quickly identify the source of the problem, flatten it out, then project themselves into the future without the old programming.  And of course, the use of positive suggestion to achieve success.
What the mind can conceive, it can believe, it will achieve!

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