PAST LIVES: Real or Imagined?
Doesn't Matter!

By Charlene Ackerman, C. Ht., C.I.A.

I can vividly remember the first time someone started talking Past-Lives to me. I thought "what nonsense". I was taking my first hypnosis training and was grateful that Past Lives was not part of the curriculum. One of the other students keep telling me about her past lives with her husband and how is related to the difficult relationship they had in this life. They had been brother and sister before and he had killed her in that life time, and her story went on and on and on and on. I had heard all I wanted to hear in the first 30 seconds of our conversation. It was all I could do to keep from putting my hands over my ears, but I was brought up better than that. I simply wanted to learn about hypnosis and this sounded too far fetched to me.

But information on past lives just keep hitting me in the face. A trip to our local library were a book on past lives "just happened" to be left on table were I was sitting. I decided to check it out and see what all the nonsense was about. It was like checking out an X-rated book. I didn't want anyone to know what I was reading.

I can safely say that today my attitude has changed tremendously. Having learned so much about myself and seeing how recalling past lives has helped others makes it impossible NOT to embrace the fact that past live recall is an incredibly beneficial tool in helping us to more clearly understand ourselves. Rather these "memories" are real, or simply a figment of our imagination, really doesn't matter to me. The results are the same. So please keep an open mind as I relate a few of my favorite regressions.


Sonja had called because she was interested in taking one of my hypnosis training. At the time I was looking for volunteer subjects for a class I was teaching and she agreed to come. Although we are usually looking for something simple, it sounded fascinating to have an opportunity to work on her cat allergy. I love a challenge! This sounded like a wonderful opportunity for my students to see how vast an area hypnosis covers.

We arranged to have one of the students induce hypnosis then I would give a demonstration on age regression, back to when she had her first negative reaction to cats. First I got permission from the subconscious to go to the source of the problem, permission was granted. Sonja immediately went into an asthmatic attack. Using a technique I call "The Silencer", I had her erase that memory and focus on music, while I talked to the deep inner unconscious mind. Permission was granted and I had her go back to 1 hour before the incident. Typically, in regression, we ask the subject to describe their feet, their clothing and ask what age. Sonja said she was 5 years old but as she described her clothing, I realized we were into a past life, not at all what I had expected. "Are you with someone", she responded "yes, with the tribe". She was called "Little One" and was in India. She was now old enough to help her mother prepare lunch to take to the men working in the fields. This caused her a great deal of fear as she had heard of tigers attacking people. You guessed it! Little One was attacked by a tiger and killed. We need to find the lesson when retrieving past lives and her lesson was that fear can bring about danger. Instantaneously, Sonja had entered into another past-live, in fact it was the first time I had seen two past lives occur simultaneously. I needed to put the second one aside in order to complete the first one. This time she describe a bear clawing a hut to shreds and dragging her mother off. Her mothers body had been retrieved by the natives. When ask "where are you", she said "in her belly". The natives cut the unborn child from her mother’s womb and her father disparately tired to breathe life into his child. She saw the spirit of her mother and the infant going into the light.. What could possibly have been a lesson from this life time? She described her parents as being elderly and had thought they were unable to have children. They had been overjoyed with the prospect of this child coming into their lives. What she had learned from this life was a tremendous feeling of love.

Prior to the session Sonja had described her asthma as being so bad it prevented her from staying outdoors in the winter more than 10 minutes without experiencing great difficulty with her breathing. She always had plenty of inhalers readily available. Shortly after this experience there had been such a severe snow storm in Chicago that thousands of homes and businesses were without electricity. Sonja was able to be outside, shoveling no less, for an hour and a half.

Since then Sonja Hallbeck has completed her hypnosis training and has added it to her Reiki practice in Northwoods, IL. She no longer needs inhalers as her asthma is GONE! As far as the cat allergies ....... she now sleeps with the family cat!!!!


This is a common thread that so many people have experienced, the inability to hold onto money. Her comment was "I don't ever want to keep any money". Liz was regressed back to a life time when her father was extremely wealthy. She had a beautiful large bedroom filled with toys. However, as Christine, a child of 4, she was extremely lonely, isolated from the other children she saw playing together in the village. Her father was distant and cold, she was raised by servants. When she advanced to her death scene, she was a Nun. She had "taken the vow of poverty" and her inheritance now belonged to the church, where it helped the people in need.


While working with a fear of heights, Jackie became extremely fearful, she had spontaneously regressed to a past life where she had been tied to a cross, high on a hill. An executioner had his bow and arrow aimed at her. She had been a healer and was about to executed for practicing witchcraft. I told her to remove herself from this scene and ask to view her life. She spoke in a very thick Scottish brogue . The year was 1792 and her name was Clara. I ask her to share some of her experiences as a healer. She spoke of "the one that is dear to my heart is a beggar woman with child and the baby comes with the cord and me and my sisters, we need to go inside the woman and turn the cord. It was like birthing a calf in the same manner, it was not unusual."

"With the burn, go to the earth where there is no plant and no grass, remove first the layer and dig deep into the soil and take that and take water from the fresh spring and make thee mud, and then take ye yeast, that you would bake with and pound that and make it firm, set it upon the burn, it will heal. It will not have a blister, it will not have a scar. The healing elements to the body are in the earth, my child, ye need to more." Clara described how the information was passed down from "the old woman to the young woman, from one generation to another". It was not written down now, as the books had been burned.

When asked for any final messages Clara said "This I say to ye all, make each thy days a pray. It is not necessary that ye fall on your knees. Make each thy days a pray, so ye shall be strengthened and that light shall abound and you shall be able to go about your business that you are here for."

Jacqueline Hicks has her practice in Milwaukee, WI.


At a group Past-Life Regression Workshop, I regressed back to a beggar. I felt the rags wrapped around my feet to keep out the cold. My clothing was tattered and torn. I was at the steps of a cathedral with my hand out, and as men in grand elegant robes passed by me without even seeing me, my thoughts were, "forgive them Lord, for they know not what they are doing". I felt a great compassion for these men for they had not a clue of the love and compassion I experienced in that life.

I was aware that my wife had died as had several of our children. I also became aware that the remaining children and I were dying of starvation. As this beggar, I "knew" a love deeper than anything I have experienced in this lifetime. Love and Compassion were words that were interchangeable. Even though my wife had died, and I would soon be joining her, I experienced this overwhelming love and a feeling that this is but a brief moment in time and we would be together again. When the group was asked for the name in that lifetime, Habeb popped into my head.

As a wife, mother, and devoted grandmother, I have known love. But nothing as deep and profound as Habeb. These images stayed with me for such a long time and I continued to do a great deal of processing of this information. War was on in Bosnia, and as I watched the poor starving people, I was reminded of Habeb and his love of family and fellow man. Did these poor people have more on a spiritual level than we could possible understand? I became so aware of how materialistic our society is with its focus on bigger homes and nicer cars. "Habeb" had greater wealth than any of us. Love and compassion were words that keep being repeated over and over, but they were more than words, these became intense feelings and I was immensely grateful to have experienced the great depth of this love.

It was several years later that I was relating this experience with a gentleman who spoke five languages. He was laughing when he ask if I knew what the name Habeb stood for in Arabic. Of course I did not. He said it means LOVE!

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