One Less Victim

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These are actual stories about people
that have overcome years of adversity through the use of hypnosis.

   It did not take long for me to realize the value of hypnosis when I first began to study this fascinating field.  I received enormous benefits personally by recalling childhood memories.  It answered so many questions, years of therapy had been unable to reveal and the healing began...

   As an instructor of hypnosis, I have been able to learn from many of my students how they too have assisted others in stepping out of the Victim role.  They have generously shared cases from their own files.  In some cases, it may simply be fear of public speaking which prevents your becoming the success you deserve.

   It is our desire that you will be able to find some answers to questions that may have plagued you or at least offer encouragement to seek out a professional hypnotist who can gently guide you toward your own understanding of what may have held you back from becoming the magnificent person you truly are!

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