Caution: These stories are not to be told to children under the age of eight!




How I became a hypnotists!



    I am Charlene, Woody’s younger sister. Woody began his career of making up scary stories at a very, very early age. When we were kids we did not have television, therefore, we were left to use our imagination to entertain ourselves. Therefore I became one of his first captive audiences rather I wanted to be or not. My earliest memory goes back to when I was about five years old. Woody was two years older. The night I recall so vividly was one evening when Madge, our older sister, was left in charge to baby-sit the two of us. We were all in our bed-clothes when I was told to go outside to bring in the cat. When I returned the door was locked. I knocked on the door and they both came to the door, opened it just enough to peek out to see who was there, and asked, “Who are you little girl?” “Let me in,” I told them, only to have them continue their well laid out plan, claiming they did not know me and closing the door. I sat on the front porch, my elbows on my knees, head in hands and as I looked up at the stars knowing once again I had fallen prey to another one of their pranks.

Finally they allowed me to enter the house still claiming they had never seen me before. Of course, I knew what was going on but they persisted. I described every room before entering it, “That’s the kitchen over there … giving details of the table, chairs … there is our parents bedroom … describing the furnishings … their names are … your names are …”  Their plan was very well thought out as they continued to deny ever having seen me before, seemingly amazed that I could describe the rooms so well before seeing them. They agreed to let me sleep over and they would help me find my home the next day. My final memory of that experience was laying in bed, unable to sleep, wondering when and how this would end.

Needless to say this event and numerous others “stories” they played on me left a deep impression. I clearly recall when I was about six years old and several neighborhood children were talking about hypnosis and how the hypnotist could make you do things. I took this all in and made a clear and determined decision that one day, I would become a hypnotist. Then I could make them do things.

Now the rest of the story … when we talked about me writing a few words in the preface, I mentioned this story to them about how Woody began making up these stories at a very early age. Madge confirmed it was his idea. However, the part I had forgotten was what happened when our parents returned home. I told on them and then they really got it! Funny how selective our memories can be. 

The good new is, I never let go of that desire to become a hypnotist. I searched for and found some information in the 50’s. Not enough to use it properly. It took me nearly fifty years to have that dream come to full circle. Hypnosis has become the most rewarding profession I could have ever imagined. Of course I quickly learned that we cannot make anyone do anything against their will. However, we can assist them in making healthy choices in there lives. I became a hypnosis instructor and now teach internationally. So … Madge and Woody, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to make such a meaningful career decision at such an early age.

And Woody, I thank you for entertaining my sons with your stories. When they asked that you tell them to their children on one of your visits to Wisconsin, I knew you needed to write this book. Now, they can be enjoyed by our grandchildren as well. However, I prefer to call them …