Charlene R. Ackerman, C.Ht, A.C.I  Charlene Ackerman

This site is a dedication to the life and memory of Charlene Ackerman.  So many people are grateful for her extensive contributions to the world, especially her work with Hypnosis & Healing.  Now her memory lives on with this website.

Charlene R. Ackerman, age 73, of Janesville passed away on Sunday, Sept. 20, 2009. 

After a 15 year career in Real Estate, Charlene embarked on what became her life passion, practicing and teaching hypnosis. She knew at the age of 6, she wanted to become a hypnotist.

Charlene was awarded “Member of the Year” and “Instructor of the Year” with the worlds’ largest hypnosis organization, as well as “International Instructor of the Year” with the International Hypnosis Federation. Her practice flourished and quickly expanded onto the international stage.

Charlene was a well known speaker throughout the world, and has been referred to as the “Mother of Hypnosis” in Taiwan, where she had taught hypnosis since 1999. Her program “Esteem4Teens” has been extremely well received in colleges there. At the time of her passing she was dedicated to the plight of veterans, past and present, suffering PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).

She had written numerous articles on hypnosis, which have been published in several books as well as her book, “Why am I Alive?”. Charlene loved to travel having traveled well over 1 million miles.